Friday, March 7, 2008

Best laugh in a long time

Finland is not flat, do not let anyone try to tell you it is.

Lyle and I had quite a day today. It started perfectly, we were gliding along, had the skis waxed to perfection, great kick, we were in business, g

ot to about 50 K and knew we were gonna make it.

Then came the black diamond caution sign, Lyle came to the hill first, not really a hill, really it was similar to Rocket on Marquette Mountain. It was wild, down he went and ended up in the snowbank, I made it down and when I came upon him it was quite a site, there was even snow sticking out of his ears. He found no humor in this at all, I on the other hand went into a fit on uncontrollable laughter, I admit I am dead tired and emotional and just could not quit laughing, actually I could hardly stand up. He just kept saying that he was really happy that I was having such a good laugh over this.

Finally he pulled himself togeher and we got ready to go and found that he had bent the part on his boot that connects to the ski and was going nowhere, next enters a snowmobiler who tried to ue tools to fix the boot but it was not happening so Lyle had to leave the trail skis and all by snowmobile, it was quite the site.

He has new boots being delivered in the morning. Some guy is bringing 2 pair for him to try from antoher city.All is well, we are tired at the end of the day is all I can say. Amy

p.s. Margaret Twitchell I would be in big trouble without theneck guard.

Linda Derocher, if you are reading this I have to tell you this is getting pretty close to topping the dificulty of the Grand Canyon.

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mauiskychick said...

I can picture you laughing Amy. I got a good laugh just reading it. Sorry Sly. :) Glad to hear you are managing so far. Sounds like you are all having a good time in spite of the exhaustion. Stay safe you all!! Jen