Saturday, March 8, 2008


the computor stopped. Anyway, the ski started with rhe first 20km going uphill 2400 feet with some of the hills looking like rocket at mqt mtn!!!!! then there were the downhills but no falls....There are 265 total skiers this year, with 80 is our group. We began first. If you don't get to certain time by 2,30 they have a bus to take you to the next hotel so no one is left out on the trail.....This place is like we are out in Siberia........... It's huge expanses with so people and just snow and pine trees....pristene..So first day I skied 46 km in 9 hours. Yesterday, Frida and I only skied 3o km because the bus was at that position. Three of us in our group ski more slowly, but it is the max I can so at this point. Yesterday, the distance for the other skiers was 61 km. MOst of the people do the total distances. today ia another 60 kn day ana tomarrow is the big one at 81km followed by a 71km day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I do as much as I can. This is hard but fun with everyone being very friedly and helpful WE are from 14 different countries so lots of nice people to meet. There are 9 others U.S. skiers,so mqt has a uniquique delegation. well bye for now........ Off to the trail for today.............Mikko

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