Sunday, March 9, 2008

Burning up LAPLAND

I have experienced a number of different methods of transportation sInce arriving in Finalnd. Plane, train, bus, taxi, skis, and an American made Polaris snowmobile.

After my crash on the hill and ride in on the snowmobile (which was very cold) I got a taxi from the hotel to take me to a hardware/co-op/grocery store, They had everything in there including ski equipment.anyway it was a wild icy ride, Kiimi Ricconin's relative must have been the driver, the roads here are glare ice, all I could think of was that I was glad Amy and her sister Heidi did not witness this as it ws true black ice and their biggest fear.

No luck, I could not fix the boot so I had some calls made to a ski shop a few hours away and they were there in the morning, I was so damn mad at the old ones I threw them in the garbage this morning.

Yesterday was my longest ski ever, 58K, it hurt, at the end we had to ride a T-bar way up to the top of a ski mountain to the lodge, it was pretty cool as this was quite the resort.

Tom and Vicky you would be loving every minute of this, lots of pain, endless K's. All kinds of weather and long gliding.


Denny said...

Frida, Ron... the trip sounds awesome. Keep skiing and laughing. We can't wait to hear about the adventure and see the pictures.


Mary R. said...

Frida and crew,
I think the Noque nymphs should travel your way to help cheer you up the big hills - tutus (sp?), wings and pink tierras...

Enjoy every minute, every morsal and share all with us upon your safe return. :)
Mary R.

airi.jillmark said...

Hello there in the vast forests,
keep skiing and laughing, this can't be worse than skiing to the North Pole!