Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's done

Rain and drizzle couldn't dampen our spirits yesterday as we finished this amazing journey. The route was cut short because of open water on key river crossings, but the ski still took 5 hours.

Ron and I started the day with spirit. The trail was the best of the week for me because it rolled and I finally felt momentum under my legs. We were close to the end and when Amy came up behind singing and Lyle right behind her. They had started later and were in no hurry to fly through the day either. This journey, after all, has been nearly a year in the making. Ron reminded me of that when we hit the 10k mark and he said, "Just think, in an hour we'll be done." \

We powered along talking about the meaning of this adventure. "I'm clean from the inside out," says Amy. It has been such a physical, mental and emotional crossing of this amazing country.

I choked through the Star Spangled Banner with a lump in my throat the size of a dinner plate. Amy said she had goosebumps but it had nothing to do with the outside temperature which was reducing everything to slush.

When we saw a glimpse of the finish line through the trees, we stopped to wait for Jo. Of the whole group, Jo has skied the most miles. She's been so determined, even if it has meant popping "vitamin T" (Tylenol) every 2 hours.

We took a picture of our skis on the snow huddled together and then, "got'er done."

Kellie and Jeff had already finished. At one point on the trail Jeff shared a "coffe break"--Chocolate covered espresso beans. Seppo came flying by as we were stopped and I handed off a bean or two to him, smiling that it was an American go-power secret.

Mike was close behind and he came to the finish smiling. So much of this journey has brought life to his family roots.

We have to catch a bus to Kemi, then a train to Helsinki. Time to finish packing. Stories will continue to flow on the blog as we make our way west.

Frida, and so proud of her Finnish heritage.


airi.jillmark said...

Congratulations having done the amazing trip!
Now please let me know about your itinerary. I'm waiting for you in Helsinki.

Magoo said...

What an achievement! You guys all seriously rock!
Can't wait to share some big hugs and hear the stories over a cup of coffee (or a bottle of wine!).
Love you guys, and safe travels home!
Jeff and Carrie

Vicki said...

What a journey--into the past, through the present, enriching the future. Your ancesters must be shining down on you.

airi.jillmark said...

Hello Frida

Where are you? I Keep looking for you.
Send me some post!