Sunday, March 9, 2008

Making tracks across Funland

Greetings from the frozen north...........Well we've finished four days of this acventure with no accidents....amen......... some of the dawnhills are quite a challenge, but the old snowplow technique has been keeping me alive! My new best friend is the sweep driver on the snowmobile. He's watching that I don't get left behind in the dark.....After four days of this treck, my legs are actually getting used to the workout.........I don't do the whole program, because I cannot physically. But, we go anywhere from 25to45kms which can take from five to nine hours to do. That is plenty enough for me. There are a few of us in this microgroup and it works out just fine Tomorrow is a 44km run, but I can get out at 34kms. It's snowing now and the weather is to get worse tomarrow. This group is amazingly physically fit........Today, was a 87.5km distance and the people were coming in after 7 hours. We skied through national park that was absolutely sprectacular, with snow covered trees that looked like huge stone statues all white. I have never seen anything like that before.......Anyway,three moredays of ski, so over half way there.........MIkko

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