Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jo's post

Hei, We are here, trying to navigate the euro, celsius, and food. But tomorrow is the real test navigating the ski... it will be -20 celsius or -4 F... yikes that's cold. Also the first ski day of 61K takes us along the Russian border, we were asked not to leave the trail and warned there are wolves in those trees. So look but don't wander.. So far the food is great, with lots of it (2 dinners) and so is the comradery with 14 other countries also represented. We talk a common language of wax, snow, food and skiing. There is always someone who can interpret someone else for you.

We had our info meeting tonight and were shown pictures of what I envision to be a lunar landscape with Dr Zeus type trees, stunted and covered from tip to tail in snow. We will see this tomorrow also. We are excited and like the night before Christmas who can sleep. But it will all start early with a bus ride to the start and before we know it the "k" will be under our skis we will have a song in our heart and and a big smile on our faces. Hei Hei, Jo


Sharon said...

Hey Frida - just wanted to know we are thinking about you back in Marquette. Wishing you much success - I know you can do this!!! Cause' your awesome!! Looking forward to all your stories when you return - thanks for doing this blog so we can keep up on your progress. My big adventure the other day was going snowshoeing in the back of Sue's house - she has many steep hills to climb but it was a very nice walk! Take care and we'll talk to you when you return:) - Sharon

MoJo said...

Mantra of the day: singing,
"I Will Survive!"

You're the talk of the town.
In my prayers...XOXO Mojo