Friday, March 14, 2008

Helsinki -Amy

Hei Hei,
The adventure continues. Last night we spent the night sleeping on a train in sleeping cars. 11 hours of sleep and I needed every minute of it. Getting all of our luggage plus ski bags on teh train is quite the challenge. We have 4 minutes to make our move when the doors open, after 4 minutes they close, what is on is on. We made it but it is quite the site. I will be happy to hand over the ski bags at the airport in the morning and be done with them. Our rooms had 2 bunks and enough space for suitcases and to get in and out of bed. I have come to realize that a bed is a bed and room size does not matter. We all slept well.

Today we are at a great hotel in the middle of Helsinki..........we all just buzzed around all day sight seeing, shopping and eating. Our bodies must be trying to restore calories as we are hungry all the time.

There is much to do and see in this city snow! After days and K's of snow , kick and glide, it seems so strange to have no snow. There are so many stores and people that I find it overwhelming after being in peace and quiet all last week.

0400 wake up call tommorow for our flight accross the pond. All is well in Helsinki is all I can say. Amy

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britspanman said...

Hey, Hey you Nordic Adventurers-- Great job y'all did! I am impressed, and a little envious. Jo, did you catch the tail of the reindeer you saw? We will welcome you all back to da U.P. with a big hug. --Paulo