Saturday, March 8, 2008

Seney Stretch

If you are a Yooper, you know the Seney Stretch.

Yesterday we SKIED it. Not 28 miles, but 28k of perfectly straight single track. In Finland it does you no good to buy a vowel, but I was hoping to buy a HILL, even an UP. As Amy's post will prove, I shouldn't have bailed at the Tee-pee in Sarkela. I missed the mountains. But Georgie kept the folks entertained at that last service stop when sipping her fish stew she slipped back on the bench and nearly took down the tee-pee. What a hoot. We always find something to laugh about.
This night of rest was in a hotel with fine food, good beds, a sauna and swimming pool with all kinds of massaging jets. The water felt better than the 1/2 hour massage I paid 20 euros for. No one massages like our experts back in Marquette.
We're all feeling the distances we've covered on the start of this 3rd day. The sun is shining brightly and no bus ride this morning, we can start right from the hotelli.
I'm going waxable, with Amy's guidance on kick, and I'll try out Jeannie's heel lifts for the first time on Finnish trails.
Ron's suitcase has fallen apart, but we brought duct tape and he got a thick garbage bag to hold it together. More for the scrapbook.
MoJo's card got us all tickled again at breakfast. What a girl. So many times we wish for her antics here to keep us giggling. We're so connected.

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